ViewPublica – Our People, team and collaborations


The ViewPublica team is made up of people from various backgrounds and industries who are working or have involvement at the highest levels of media and politics. These ‘insiders’ have wide experience and hands-on knowledge in the world of political public relations that include contacts with former MPs and civil servants – who are used to formulating strategic communications. Some have campaigning experience including associations and partnerships with former journalists, public affairs consultants and public relations executives.

ViewPublica has been working via a centralised digital workspace unit since 2015 to allow the entire team to work from anywhere whilst being fully connected and be wherever we need to be for our clients. The digital workplace is where we work – commuting digitally more than physically.


Graham Vanbergen

Graham manages the overall objectives of the ViewPublica business. He has a wealth of experience and connections having worked in the property, finance and procurement industry that included extensive involvement with institutional investors and government agencies. He was a board member of one of the world’s largest financial services institutions that owned and operated a considerable property portfolio throughout the UK. Graham is also a columnist for the Political Anthropologist, writes the ‘Foreign Office Report’, along with his own column in the European Financial Review and World Financial Review. He is also the contributing editor of ViewPublica’s stable of news outlets TruePublica/NewsPublica and has built collaborative media partnerships with organisations such as the UN (United Nations) News in New York. Graham also works with MySociety and WhatDoTheyKnow – both politically focused technology, research and data organisations. Graham is also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and actively works on public interest matters, especially with civil liberty organisations and is the author of Brexit – A Corporate Coup D’Etat.

Graham specialises in ‘trajectory management’ and alongside forecasting elements of strategic success – places financial bets on the outcomes of political decisions so clients know that ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ – actually means something. Graham predicted and placed large bets on the EU referendum result, the ousting of Theresa May, many of the financial outcomes of Brexit and ongoing currency movements. He personally manages a small portfolio of private clients.



ViewPublica – has team specialists in public relations, crisis management, public affairs, lobbying and campaigning – all of whom work closely with their contacts and organisations in the realm of information management across the political spectrum.


Amanda – has over 15 years of experience leading public relations campaigns. Amanda provides senior counsel to private clients with a view to affecting real change in the organisation, particularly in challenging times. Amanda is currently working on political messaging for a major UK based client.

Brett –  has 16 years of public relations experience in the UK and Europe. Brett and his team are currently working with a European client on a long-term environmental project.

Caroline – has worked within established media brands over the past decade that includes well-known newspaper organisations – both locally and nationally. Caroline is currently working on a project within welfare and disability reform at the heart of public policymaking.

Daniel – works with financial institutions and some of the most active investors in the UK. Dan has 12 years experience in the City of London and along with two others in his team – are working with several international clients looking to invest in post-Brexit Britain.

Elaine – is a political campaigner and activist specialising in civil liberties and human rights with extensive contacts at the very top of some of the most successful campaigner groups in the United Kingdom. Elaine is fully occupied with a UK client lobbying for more urgent environmental changes aimed at air and water pollution.