ViewPublica – Our Mission

Much of the work of ViewPublica is about public affairs – that is analysing the policies that exist, the political environment they exist in and regulatory context that impacts the world we live in. Critical to the overall success of our clients is ensuring that the voice, image, brand or reputation of the organisation is heard or actually seen by the right people. Sometimes, this is needed at the right levels of government to achieve positive policy changes.

Shaping the narrative and therefore public opinion is the way that political decision-making moves towards the passage of legislation. Often what can seem to be years in the making, the creation of effective public policy can appear to be long-winded, overly complex and impenetrable. Organisations and individuals are often unsure about how best to engage with policymakers and wider stakeholders.

Our role in public affairs is to shape the message, access the decision-makers and actively assist our clients to influence the policy and/or regulatory minefield to ensure they achieve their wider goals and objectives through a properly constructed and targeted public affairs campaign.

The tools we use to achieve this can be a combination of:

  • Political intelligence reports
  • Monitoring political ongoing situations
  • Development of messaging
  • Engagement programmes
  • Campaigning
  • Strategic planning and communications
  • Lobbying


Campaigning and lobbying

In addition to managing the processes for successful public affairs, we feel strongly that developing a robust integrated approach to communication strategy is crucial for running successful campaigns. This is especially so when it comes to crisis management, crisis communications and public relations.

Fortunately, legislative change is not simply bought in Britain. A shift of public perceptions is required where widespread support and community, regional or national favourability for a particular issue requires expert advice and support. ViewPublica helps with that shift which often includes useful access to insiders to deliver your campaign or lobbying objectives.

It seems strange to say but quite often, just establishing what the goal really is and how that fits in with the organisation and its objectives can be a challenge. Inevitably, there are different voices and views within any organisation and at all levels. A truly independent and trusted advisor can help mould an idea and turn the team into a formidable group that achieve or exceed desired results. We can assist in the building of strategies or refining current ones to agree on clear aims with buy-in from all stakeholders.


Trajectory Management

Trajectory Management addresses the sequencing of the strategic moves used to develop a business over time. In reality, there is a reasonably straight-forward framework that executives can use to help make decisions that lead to the success of projects. Trajectory management takes account of historical data, maps out a form of path dependency and patterns across companies and works out the chances of success associated with strategic moves. We derive guidelines for the selection of smart moves, those with high value-creating potential and manageable execution risk. These risks are the pitfalls that catch organisations out if not carefully accounted for. The guidelines are integrated into three perspectives for identifying the next smart move: Inside-out, outside-in and execution risk. They lead to outcomes that are focused on performance management, outpacing the competition, and capability.

Combined with our ability at ViewPublica to gather intelligence reports, monitor political or economic situations and engage in strategic communications – trajectory management is a particularly potent system that reduces the risk of making big mistakes on the big decisions.