Persuasion, communication and influence

We are in the business of persuasion, not manipulation, misrepresentation or the promotion of shallow narratives. We communicate with our audiences through trusted, not paid, sources. We build a sphere of influence with the right people and the right organisations. This is the business of public relations.

At ViewPublica we protect, enhance and build reputations through self-originated communications.  We analyse the organisation, find the positive messages required and then translate those messages into stories that drive positive outcomes.  In a crisis, when its all a mess, the news is bad, the reputational damage seems dire and costly – we formulate the response and plan to mitigate the damage in a holistic approach that covers all the negative angles. We take the heat out of the fire, contain it, overcome it and then rebuild the bridges that allow the organisation to move on and move forward.

Our role is to shape or reshape the image.

We generate positive publicity for the purposes of enhancing or protecting reputations.

Our specialism is political messaging, keeping the public informed about the activities of government and their agencies, explaining public policies and directing political campaigns. We also manage consumer relations and relationship management.

We have a specialist unit that manages the relationship between head offices, divisional regions and localised branches and can help operate the systems and procedures for remote working and home-working.

The methods, procedures and tools at our disposal can be a combination of:

  • Writing, publishing and distributing articles
  • Constructing original and compelling press releases
  • Building up pitches that are less formal than articles and press releases
  • Blogging for internal and external websites
  • Networking current business contacts and adding new ones
  • Organise online public outreach and media relations  events
  • Building public relations strategies
  • Promotional procedures and responses to negative online opinions
  • Devising and formalising robust and workable crisis management systems and procedures


Our job is constructing the strategic communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the organisation and the general public – even in a crisis. Buying your way into success or out of a crisis doesn’t work – it never has done and it never will do.

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” Don’t forget that advertising is paid media that anyone can do, public relations is media that is earned.

Today, convincing journalists, reporters or editors to write or publish a positive story about your organisations’ situation, brand or reputation is harder than ever. Even more so in the televised and broadcast media space.

Our role is to ensure your organisation builds and earns trust and credibility and navigates a media world more critical and divisive than ever. Don’t follow the story, create it, then manage it.